Upgrading K3C for better yields

I’m not sure this is the place to make this proposal but I’ll make it and we’ll see :slight_smile:
I think we should change the K3C a bit.
1 - First of all the BTC part, we could switch to BTC.b with a yield on Benqi at 7.5% currently.
2 - Then concerning the ETH part, we could switch to a yield on Aave which has a small yield of 0.7%. The yield on Trader Joe is non-existent.

  • Upgrade K3C - BTC part (1)
  • Upgrade K3C - ETH part (2)
  • No upgrade

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Due to liquidity I vote to have both btc tokens in the fund until there is enough btc.b for not stopping our growth

I think we already changed it up and forgot to update the front-part, but yes, we’re also looking into changing BTC for BTC.B for better yields.

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