Upgrading aHYPE to hold yield farming assets

The Tricrypto launch brought the possibility of using yield-bearing assets inside Kassandra funds, enabling the underlying tokens of the funds to be yield farming in other protocols while following the desired allocations of the fund.

The Avalanche Social Index (aHYPE) was launched a few months ago without this possibility.

I would like to start a formal discussion about choosing if it would be a good idea to put all the funds inside aHYPE to yield farm and to also discuss where to put it.

While yield farming can leverage gains to fund investors, it also brings an extra layer of compounded protocol risk.

Inside the pool, we have AVAX, JOE, KACY, QI, CRA, PNG, and XAVA.

The first upgrade that we could do is change AVAXsAVAX, which would give an annual percentage return of ~7.2%,staking.benqi.fi/stake.

To take advantage of yield farming strategies we can use YieldYak vaults, available at: Yield Yak | Earn More Yield.

If we put sAVAX on YieldYak to farm on Vector, we can earn an extra 9.5% APR over sAVAX, resulting in a total 16.7% APR over all AVAX inside aHYPE.

Those two steps are up for discussion, as the farm for sAVAX on YieldYak.

There are others farms on YY for JOE with 23.8% APR, QI with 14.5% APR, and PNG with 28.7% APR.

YieldYak doesn’t seem to have farms for CRA and XAVA.

What do you guys think about these farming options? Should we choose others? Are you guys in favor of the upgrade at all?

  • In favor of the upgrade as proposed
  • In favor of the upgrade with some changes
  • Against any kind of upgrade

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Can we start a new index rather than amend an existing one?

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If a new index is created, wouldn’t this dilute the TVL too much and give a weaker picture of the indexes?

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Great proposal @Baruel, I fully support it & it’s a no-brainer for me.

As pointed out already, for me the main reason why I’m not using $aHYPE as my primary exposure to the AVAX ecosystem is that I am able to outperform the active rebalancing strategy with APR from staking the same basket of assets independently (assuming that I don’t wanna stake aHYPE and keep dumping $KACY for a similar effect).

I assume the yield from staked assets will be reinvested in $aHYPE on behalf of the user, right?


Yep, you’ll grow your stack just like #K3C!


id prefer to change some tokens first


for me its fine, just that ahype needs to select its basket of tokens depending on the heimdall score before deciding what token to yield. savax-avax is safe and has my confident vote


Agree. I’d like to see the whitelist opened up to some more coins. ROUTE is one I’ve been watching. It’s got a high score on Heimdall right now. It’d be great if we could use Heimdall and yield farm. But, I feel like this could get really complicated.


Sounds like a good thread to be made here!

This proposal just got on-chain! Get your voting power ready: Kassandra