Upgrade Arbitrum LSDFi Pool to Featured Status

Greetings, Kassandra DAO members! You may know me as Goat News, a KOL in the crypto space and an active content creator for Kassandra. You might have read some alpha-driven posts I’ve been writing for Kassandra’s Discord or the SEO-optimized posts on Kassandra’s Blog.

In case you don’t know me, I’ve been actively contributing to the community, penning content that has not only educated but also brought a fresh perspective to DeFi. One of my tweets, “How I Turned Into a Pool Manager Overnight”, garnered 1,619 views, 36 likes, 9 reposts, and 11 comments. Another tweet that delved into the potential of Arbitrum LSDfi has seen an impressive 2,507 views, 30 likes, 3 reposts, and 5 comments so far. And this is just the beginning.

Today, I’m presenting a temperature check to gauge the community’s interest in upgrading my Arbitrum LSDFi Pool from a Community Pool to a Featured Pool.

What Makes the Arbitrum LSDFi Pool Unique?

The Arbitrum LSDFi Pool is a blend of diversified assets like $stETH, $LDO, $Pendle, $RPL, and more aimed at maximizing returns and surfing the liquid stake trend while minimizing risks.

If the Arbitrum LSDFi Pool becomes a Featured Pool, it will bring more visibility to an already successful strategy, thereby attracting more investments and, in turn, greater rewards for the community. As a KOL, my social leverage can further boost the pool’s appeal.

Benefits of Upgrading to Featured Pool

  • Increased Visibility: Featured status means more eyeballs on the pool.
  • Greater Trust: Managed by a Kassandra team member who’s a KOL in the crypto space.
  • Higher Rewards: More investments mean greater rewards for all stakeholders.


  • Yes, upgrade to Featured Pool
  • No, keep as Community Pool

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Feel free to vote and comment above. Your participation is invaluable for shaping the future of Kassandra DAO and my legacy on it. LFG and LSDFI TO DA MOON~ :rocket:


Goat News

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Good idea! Wolf voted YES :white_check_mark:

Would it be possible to renew this proposal? I missed voting via Kassandra DAO app.

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I will create the proposal again

Hey guys, let me clear up some misunderstandings.

First of all, I will no longer be a pool manager. The Arbitrum LSDfi will be managed by the Kassandra Team, which I’m part of as a Growth team member.

I’ll support the Arbitrum LSDfi pool as I support any other of our Pools that are performing well or that we want to promote.

We have a strategy to extend our "Pools Menu, " so we created the “Managers Incentive Program” campaign, in which anyone with a good pool idea can create it and submit it on the forums to become featured…

I applied to this campaign with the Arbitrum LSDfi pool, which was approved. hence why I began my journey as a pool manager. However, when the first vote from the community was rejected, I decided to end my journey as a pool manager.

I sent our PM a message asking if that would be ok and if he could take over the Arbitrum LSDfi pool from the Kassandra Foundation wallet, as it’s good for Kassandra to have more featured pools, and he said it was ok back then.

Since then, I’m no longer a pool manager.

However, I’ll still be here as a member of the Growth team, and I’m willing to help anyone who wants to become a pool manager. If you intend to strategize, create, and manage one, feel free to ask me for help, and I’ll gladly show you the way. I repeat: anyone can become featured if your pool idea is good and your voting on the forums gets approved.

The more good featured pools we have, the better for Kassandra, as we’ll have a solid “Pools Menu” to show off for possible investors or partners.

If you want to create one, shoot a DM, and I’ll gladly set you up. I hope your journey as a pool manager can be longer than mine.