Revenue Generating Basket O' Goods (rgtETF)

Yield is one of the main attractions for investors coming to crypto. These high APR and APY percentages are not all created equally. Some APRs offered by platforms are derived from inflationary tokenomics, others are not. Those in the “not” category typically have a revenue stream to back the returns. When tokens lean into the revenue stream as the source for APR, they can be seen as having better fundamental economics.

Creating the opportunity to gain access to these Revenue Generating Tokens via an ETF would allow investors to have a simple product backed by real revenue sources. Many of these assets are widely loved by the community, making this product easy to coordinate. Additionally, the yield-bearing component could also allow for the opportunity to collateralize the product with ecosystem partners.

The main tokens I would recommend for the rgtETF would be:

I would be curious to hear what revenue-generating tokens I missed on Avalanche and which you would want to see included in this type of ETF.


I also thought that such an ETF could be interesting. You can also look at these tokens I think:
BIFI (, GMX and GLP (


GLP was one I immediately remembered after hitting send, great choice. Would absolutely recommend that as well.

I love this idea. I think something like this and a moonshot fund could be great for generating interest in the platform.

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Moonshot ETF would be very interesting. Would probably be best if it was an actively monitored funded to filter out the fading stars over time.

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Yeah I think it would definitely need to be closely monitored. Probably want a very active manager or group of managers on that one.

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This one sounds good. Will take it to @Baruel

A moonshot fund is better managed by our community, as it’d be hard to closely manage too many funds at once


Moonshot should be managed by @Rick and @KittyxxSoftPaws lol


Could not agree more. We’ll launch it once the feature is out lmao