New Stake & Farm Rewards for 2023 Q3

Hi Kacytizens!

This is a proposal for transferring 141 000 KACY from the DAO to Team Multisig to allow the deployment of new KACY rewards for the next quarter of this year.

Rewards Distribution

Avalanche rewards:

  • 8k KACY for staking KACY without withdrawal delay
  • 16k KACY for staking KACY with 15 days of withdrawal delay
  • 47k KACY for staking KACY with 45 days of withdrawal delay
  • 35k KACY for staking LP of KACY-AVAX

Polygon rewards:

  • 35k KACY for LP of KACY-ETH


Last quarter, we had 200 000 KACY distributed as rewards. For this new quarter, we propose the same value for the pools that have KACY as their primary composition, totaling 141 000 KACY. However, please note that the pools of pHype, aHype, and K3C are not included in the reward distribution of this proposal.

If you notice, we are segregating the proposals concerning the rewards between the pools that focus on KACY as the main asset and those that do not have or have very little of it in their composition. The remaining 59 000 KACY rewards from the existing 200,000 KACY for this quarter will be mentioned in the next proposal.


I voted YES :white_check_mark: and you guys? :eyes:

Sounds good to me Kacy

I noticed that staking rewards are working fine, but farming page shows 0% in 5 of 6 pools.
Please check it. Thank you! :white_check_mark: