New Stake & Farm Rewards for 2023 Q2

Hi Kacytizens!

This is a proposal for transferring 200 000 KACY from the DAO to Team Multisig to allow the deployment of new KACY rewards for the next quarter of this year.

Rewards Distribution

Avalanche rewards:

  • 8k KACY for staking KACY without withdrawal delay
  • 16k KACY for staking KACY with 15 days of withdrawal delay
  • 47k KACY for staking KACY with 45 days of withdrawal delay
  • 35k KACY for staking LP of KACY-AVAX
  • 22k KACY for staking aHYPE
  • 22k KACY for staking K3C

Polygon rewards:

  • 35k KACY for LP of KACY-ETH
  • 15k KACY for pHYPE


Last quarter we had 200 000 KACY distributed as rewards, this new quarter we propose the same, the idea initially was to reduce it, but since we are going to other networks we decided to continue with this value. We proportionally reduced Avalanche pools, in order to maintain the same inflation and provide 50 000 KACY for Poligon pools: pHYPE and LP of KACY-ETH.

Probably next month we will go to Arbitrum. So we will make one more proposal to bring 50 000 KACY reward to the Arbitrum pools.

If you notice, we are giving much more rewards to pools that have more KACY in their composition, but remember that distributing rewards is part of our plan to decentralize decision-making to those who support the DAO in these early stages.

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Sounds good to me. No objections

I would like to ask when current reward period expires? Last time we had to wait about 2 weeks until it was renewed. Thanks for prompt answer! :white_check_mark:

Good on you being proactive. Best to get new rewards set before expiry of old