Lowering Trading Fees

Hi all,

I’m wanting gauge whether or not anyone thinks the 3% withdraw fee may be too high. Also, I believe it is not well placed to show there is going to be a withdrawal fee.

To expand upon the second point, when making an investment a user sees in small print there is a 0% investment fee. Unless a user makes sure they go to the withdraw page prior to investing and checks the small print to see the withdraw fee. They won’t even realize there is one. I think it should be very prominently placed what the withdraw fee is so a user has no chance of not realizing.

Back to the first point. A 3% withdraw fee to me seems like it could be a turn off for many people interested in using the funds. I think a number like 1% would have a better chance of not turning people away. I don’t think 3% is necessarily too high if the assets weren’t so volatile in the funds. But, for something like AHype, this is something I could see people wanting to jump in and out of. That’s harder to do when you get hit with a 3% fee each time. I’d be interested to see if we lower the fee if we could get higher volume of trades.

I’d be interested to see if anyone else has any thoughts or suggestions on this.

  • Keep fees the same
  • Lower fees

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Another thought. We might try removing trading fees for a limited time. To get people used to the idea of using our funds.

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For aHype, i’m not sure it’s the best strategy to jump in and out. For me it’s a long time invest, the strategy to make money is inside aHype (with the hype rebalancing).
This being said, I think we need to see when we invest that there is some fees to withdraw. And i’m agree to lower fees to 1% or something degressive like ELK something like this :

  • Before 1 hour: 5%
  • From 1 hour to 1 week: 2%
  • From 1 week to 1 month: 1%
  • After 1 month: 0,5%

I prefer this, its a win win

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