Fund header metrics suggestion

The current default header metrics for the 2 existing funds are TVL, 24H Price, and 1Month Price. Unfortunately, this means that we frequently see red in two places at the top of each chart. I propose merging 24H and Monthly into 7Day and changing the Header Metrics to: TVL, 7D Price, and Index Growth (based on the growth of the assets that grow from being staked). This change would ensure there is always a positive metric at the top of each chart and better represent that the assets contained within each fund are themselves growing).

See mock-up below. (Very rough mock-up)


Great suggestion! We may add swap fees and rewards within the APR, we can probably work out a hover that opens up when the cursor is over and breaks down where the yield comes from. What do you think?

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Yeah, the rewards from sAvax, for example, are what I had in mind. Makes sense to have swap fees as well if the increase the size of the fund. Love the idea of a hover card too! :heart: