Discussion Post - AVAX to BASE

It has become clear to many individuals that the AVAX network is dwindling.

I would like to open up discussion to the community to get their thoughts on making a proposal for the team to sunset the AVAX side of the protocol, and integrate BSC, and BASE networks into the protocol so that Kassandra DAO can remain relevant in an ever-shifting industry.

Please share your thoughts, concerns, comments, and shoe size.

-Cyril Keir

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Cyril, thank you for sharing your thoughts about Kassandra.

I tend to agree with you, but we have a lot of work to do to expand the DAO/Foundation to other chains. It’s easier for us to deploy contracts to create Kassandra Manager Pools, where our managers have access to BSC and BASE assets. For this, it is necessary to set up a subgraph on each chain. I will discuss with the team the possibility of expanding to BSC and BASE in addition to Polygon and Arbitrum.

Today, I’m studying a possible Kassandra V3, and when compared with our competitors, what I see is that ETH has more TVL than other chains. Probably, having Kassandra on ETH or on a multichain EVM would provide more access to assets and higher yields, attracting more users and consequently more TVL.

I guess ultimately it boils down to “What networks does Balancer managed pools support?”, and then picking from those options for expansion.