Change K3C from WBTB to BTC.b

Change K3C WBTC.e to BTC.b

Change farm from: Yield Yak | Earn More Yield
To: Yield Yak | Earn More Yield
This enables much higher yield and BTC backed by the official Avalanche bridge.

  • Keep WBTC.e
  • Switch to BTC.b

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This proposal has the core team support! :slight_smile:


@KittyxxSoftPaws what drove you to select BenQI farm over Platypus? This one seems to be paying a higher APY: Yield Yak | Earn More Yield

Hi @Baruel This is a great point. I didn’t see the platypus pool at the time. I would be open to switching to this pool if the community would prefer. In my experience the platypus pools tend to be less consistent. But, would like to hear form others as well. Would be good if the team could move these between the best pools according to their discretion.

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