Add GMX and/or GLP to aHype

With GMX being added to Avalanche Rush GMX joins Avalanche Rush, with $4M in Trading Rewards | by Avalanche | Avalanche | Nov, 2022 | Medium it looks like GMX is becoming a staple in the Avalanche community.

I have already proposed the addition of GLP. But, I think it would be good to also consider GMX as an option, or both GMX and GLP. You can find more info on GMX here .

As it looks like the majority of people are for GLP being added as of now. I’ll add in a vote for adding both.

Please feel free to provide discussion below and vote on your opinion.

  • Add GMX
  • Add GLP
  • Add Both
  • Add None

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It seems like aHype is basically just becoming an AVAX defi index that users vote on rather than a social index automated by the Heimdall social score.

The social index portion comes into play when weighting the actual tokens in the index. But, tokens have to be whitelisted to be allowed in the index to begin with. I believe the limit is 14. So, eventually we could have more than 14 allowed in and the social index score would limit which ones are actually in the fund. @Baruel could provide a more accurate explanation.


The adding and removal of tokens were never meant to be decided by the algorithm.

The only part where it comes into play is when the index is rebalanced, which is based on social score.

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An Avalanche Defi index is quite marketable on its own; I would invest in it with or without the social score. Similarly, an index with a social score management strategy is a really cool idea, and something unique to Kassandra.

Obviously there’s issues with liquidity, adversarial actors, etc, but just some food for thought: What basket of goods would a social score management strategy optimize for?

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That was my concern as well until I learned what @KittyxxSoftPaws said. I honestly think it should just be a top 10 or top 20 sort of thing.

I would, however, be interested in something like: Top 10-20 (plus 5% KACY) by Heimdall score, but also have ~5% allocated to a “Community Boost” token that we vote on to give a boost to ANY token the community is excited about.

That said I’m a yes for adding most any tokens to the current fund since it will be weighted by its Heimdall score anway.

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Well, one main reason is that we cannot add tokens automatically to the fund based on social score, because it’d require too much work and be too unpredictable for it to be a good investment.

The main idea is that we add the “hyped” tokens from time to time along with bluechips, and then the social score system does the rest. It’s an experiment: Can a fund based on community strength thrive?

But I digress - At the end of the day, we’ll do what the majority wants for it without breaking the thesis too much.

I hope that this proposal won’t pass , I don’t like the idea of having to reduce AVAX from 70% to 45% in aHYPE.